2019 President's Message!

Welcome to the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh’s website. I am honored to become our organization’s 93rd President and strive to uphold the standard that has been set for the past 92 years. We look forward to the ongoing promotion and success of the insurance industry in Western Pennsylvania by bringing together members from all professional backgrounds. The Insurance Club of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest social networking organizations in our city. We welcome all individuals who are associated with the insurance industry to join us to take advantage of our events and promotions throughout the year. These events include holiday parties, golf outings, continuing education classes, professional development classes, fundraisers for local organizations, and our annual I-Day (Insurance Day) program which will take place on Thursday, May 16th, at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Downtown Pittsburgh. Chairperson Chanelle Bokelberg, co-chair Jodi Keller, and their committee are planning a fantastic event! This year’s theme is learning to embrace the #CONNECTARIAN in us and we are extremely excited to hear our luncheon speaker, Vinny Fasline,. Vinny was a previous ICP member and served on the board for a number of years. He left Pittsburgh in 2012 to pursue his dream of doing stand up comedy in Hollywood. He is extremely excited to be coming back to his hometown to share his story with us.We hope you can join us at the 2019 I-Day!

Michael Lewandowski


Insurance Club of Pittsburgh