Insurance Club of Pittsburgh Through the Years

The club plans various social networking events throughout all 12 months of the year. Although the events can change from year to year, they usually include a Pittsburgh Pirates game, two golf outings, dinners, and a ski outing. We are best known for organizing one of the largest Insurance Day, or I-Day, functions in the country. I-Day is a one day event held at the former Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel. This event attracts nearly one thousand insurance professionals, and includes a vendor area with up to 100 vendors in attendance, a sit-down lunch, and a chance to interact with various insurance and insurance related carriers and suppliers. Please visit our Upcoming Events page to find out more. The benefits of joining the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh are many. Besides the opportunity to meet with insurance industry movers and shakers, it's also an opportunity to see old friends and keep up with our industry. You will be included in, and have online access to our online member directory.

Jodi Keller

Jodi Keller

Mike Lewandowski

Mike Lewandowski

Vice President
Jamie Drummond

Jamie Drummond


Todd Whiteman


Michael Kohler

Marry Hoover

Jeff Kuklinski

Matt Beck

Casey Pepe

Brittany Krebs

Jeremy George

Rich Lane

Kevin Mcgowan

Erik Swanson

Kevin Sharkey

Dale Ackerman

Nathan Andriscin

Alissa DiPofi

Megan McGroarty

Breanna Valasek

Gary Wells